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-==== Welcome!==== 
-{{ ernesto_galvao_2014d_peq.jpg?​150}} 
-I am an associate professor at the Instituto de Física of Universidade Federal Fluminense (IF-UFF for short), in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. 
-Click [[:​start|here]] for a version of these pages in Portuguese. 
-==== Research ==== 
-My main research is in the areas of [[http://​www.perimeterinstitute.ca/​research/​research-areas/​quantum-information/​more-quantum-information/​|quantum information]] and [[http://​www.perimeterinstitute.ca/​research/​research-areas/​quantum-foundations/​more-quantum-foundations/​|foundations of quantum mechanics]]. Some research interests: 
-   * [[http://​arxiv.org/​find/​quant-ph/​1/​AND+au:​+galvao+au:​+brod/​0/​1/​0/​all/​0/​1|Non-universal models of quantum computation]] (e.g. matchgates, linear optics, etc); 
-   * [[http://​arxiv.org/​find/​all/​1/​AND+au:​+galvao+au:​+sciarrino/​0/​1/​0/​all/​0/​1|quantum computation using photonic chips]]; 
-   ​* ​ [[http://​arxiv.org/​find/​quant-ph/​1/​AND+au:​+galvao+au:​+silva/​0/​1/​0/​all/​0/​1|measurement-based quantum computation]];​ 
-   * [[:​ctc|models for time-travel in quantum mechanics]];​ 
-   * non-locality,​ contextuality and other foundational issues in QM.  
-A complete list of my scientific publications can be found [[http://​arxiv.org/​find/​quant-ph/​1/​au:​+galvao_e/​0/​1/​0/​all/​0/​1|here]];​ alternatively,​ check out my [[http://​scholar.google.com/​citations?​user=vyH17McAAAAJ&​hl=en|Google Scholar page]]. Visit also the site of [[http://​infoptics.if.uff.br/​|my research group at UFF]]. 
-==== Academic supervision ==== 
-I am currently supervising PhD students André Oestereich and Allan David Cony Tosta, and undergrad student Bárbara Caiçara Santos. 
-Daniel Jost Brod - PhD 2014, currently a [[http://​perimeterinstitute.ca/​people/​daniel-brod|postdoctoral fellow at Perimeter Institute]].\\ 
-Raphael Dias da Silva - PhD 2013, currently not in academia.\\ 
-==== Etc ==== 
-   * [[:​cv_eng|My CV]]. 
-   * [[:​press|Press coverage]]. 
-   * [[https://​sites.google.com/​site/​ingredientsparaty/​|Short course "​Ingredients for universal quantum computation",​ given at the V Quantum Information School - Paraty 2015]]. There you can find slides and links to the recorded lectures and to relevant papers. 
-==== Contact ==== 
-Ernesto F. Galvão\\ 
-Instituto de Física - UFF\\ 
-Campus da Praia Vermelha\\ 
-Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza s/nº.\\ 
-Gragoatá, Niterói, 24210-340, RJ.\\ 
-e-mail: ernesto at if.uff.br\\ 
-Office 519, 5th floor of the New Tower of the Physics building\\ 
-Phone: +55 (21) 2629 5779