Happy Birthday, Dokuwiki!!

This is my first post in English IIRC and it is for a good reason: Dokuwiki, the fantastic engine that moves this blog turns four years old today. Following the meme blog from the Dokuwiki's creator, Andreas Gohr, I should post a cake and say how much I like Dokuwiki: Ok, I love it! How much? I run seven other sites including my research group site, other about applets for teaching physics, the Sysadmin of the Physics Institute site and others about the courses that I delivered.

I would like to say “Muito Obrigado” to Andreas and Chi who provides the Dokubrick theme that modified and made it worse than the original. My appreciation goes to all developers as well. Now, a cake randomly picked at GoogleImages

I don't know why but I love this cake as much as I love Dokuwiki.


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